Orchard Packages

INSTANT Orchard Packages

Our instant orchard packages are designed to help you outfit your yard with edible landscaping and turn your space into the Garden Of Eden! Instead of mowing grass, plant tree’s in your yard that you can harvest your own clean fruit from. Save money at the grocery store, become more self sustainable, and feel confident in knowing where your food is coming from. With our packages we help you select the tree’s that are right for your climate, soil, and sunlight conditions. We work with you to design your package, then deliver, install the tree’s, compost, mulch and fertilize. All you have to do is water! We can also install irrigation to support the success of your tree’s. We provide aftercare instructions and are available for follow up questions or concerns. We want to not only install your tree’s but see them flourish!

Packages start at only 15 trees (no maximum) and are very affordable.

Additional Information:

Ask us about designing a package so you can pick from your yard every month of the year!

You do not have to have acreage for a package! We can design an orchard even in tiny backyards!

Browse some of our inventory to start selecting your tree’s here then call us for an order sheet and to set up your appointment! Soil samples also available upon request.

Berry patches and backyard vineyard installation can be added to any package. (8 plant minimum)

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